Whether you're just embarking on your rabbitry journey or looking to elevate your rabbit-raising game, The Rabbitry Center's rabbit course is your key to transforming your backyard rabbitry into a sustainable source of both nourishment and income for your family. Starting a rabbitry can feel overwhelming, which is why we've meticulously crafted a straightforward, step-by-step course that covers essential topics in the most effective sequence. Upon completing this course, you'll be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of rabbit husbandry.

You will gain expertise in various areas, including:

  1. Sourcing Quality Rabbits: Discover how to find top-notch rabbits.
  2. Optimal Rabbit Housing: Learn the art of constructing and maintaining rabbit accommodations for success.
  3. Breeding and Young Rabbit Care: Master the techniques for breeding, re-breeding, and nurturing young rabbits.
  4. Effective Marketing and Sales Strategies: Find out how to market and sell rabbit litters even before they're ready for sale.
  5. Feed Cost Reduction: Explore which crops to cultivate to minimize expenses on rabbit feed.
  6. Creating a Passive Income Stream: Uncover the secrets to building a substantial social media following and generating income from your rabbitry, even while you're asleep.

Your course encompasses a wealth of resources, including more than 80 in-depth tutorial videos, practical PDF templates, and valuable materials designed to expedite your learning curve. This modest investment promises to yield significant returns for your rabbitry, propelling it to new heights of success.


"Turn your passion into a Rabbit producing money machine that fills your freezer and compliments your property."

- Bobby Jimenez

Learn To Sell Rabbits & Byproducts While You Sleep

Selling rabbits is a more challenging endeavor than it may appear. Even if you have the finest rabbits in the area, success hinges on making sure people are aware of your offerings. We provide insights on the art of effective rabbitry marketing, enabling you to generate high demand and sell out your litters even before they are born.

Build A Productive Herd
Of Show Ready Rabbits

Breeding with precision to achieve the right characteristics is of paramount importance. Our user-friendly lessons delve into the criteria for selecting your future breeders, offering visual aids with images of the desired shapes. We also explore effective breeding strategies, guiding you on how to sidestep potential issues and maintain a healthy production process.

Provide Your Family With All Natural Chemical Free Meat

Rabbit meat is nutritious and delicious. It's the healthiest meat you can eat. Compared to chicken, lamb, beef and pork it's the highest in protein, lowest in fat, cholesterol, sodium and calories. Learn to effectively dispatch, process and age rabbit meat so you and your family can start enjoying high quality food raised right in your own backyard.

Hi, I’m Bobby Jimenez

I operate a Rabbitry in Bath, Michigan, specializing in producing tutorial videos designed to assist individuals in managing their own Rabbitry ventures. The primary goal of this course is to illustrate that rabbits are not only a delightful and visually appealing animal to raise but can also be a source of profit.

Commencing a Rabbitry might appear straightforward, but the path is riddled with potential pitfalls. Although there are numerous helpful YouTube videos available, they often lack structure, with a mix of topics that may not be relevant to a backyard operation. Such disarray can result in financial losses and hinder your progress.

To address these issues, we have meticulously crafted a step-by-step curriculum. It features hours of fresh, accessible content, aiming to guide individuals in making well-informed decisions when it comes to building their herd and cultivating a productive and profitable Rabbitry.

Over 80 videos/Hours & Hours of Rabbitry content


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